Document Management Systems

Track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents

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What is a Document Management System?

A comprehensive system designed to handle the entire lifecycle of all documents for your business. From acquisition and capture of the information about the document to approval, storage and distribution of the document.

Documents get routed through processes for handling and can, therefore, become an integral part of business automation. The fact that this facilitates the ability for documents to be worked on by more than one person at a time speeds up business processes and improves staff productivity.

Key Benefits of Document Management

Retention and Organisation of Information

Think about how one locates a 5-year old document written for the company by an ex-employee. A good document management system should be able to access this data instantly.

Save Resources and Increase Productivity

A long term strategic approach to document management will save the company not only time but also money.

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic data not only saves the company on paper and ink costs but means less printing, which means fewer boxes and storage units in your office.


Data protection is vital to the success of your business and digital data control is more secure than paper filing. It reduces the risk of documents getting into the wrong hands and exposure due to human error.

Important Considerations For Choosing a Document Management System

Individual Needs

As a business, the first step to finding the best document management solution for you is to take a mental snapshot of the current document management infrastructure for your team.

Share Files

Consider how your team share files. How many emails are exchanged daily? How many people might typically work on a single document at a time?


Decide who will be allowed access to which documents. Consider people and also consider office locations.


Staff training is crucial to the successful implementation of your system.

Professional Advice

Research your options and talk to a professional. Choose the software and the provider who will have your businesses best interest at heart.

Canon Therefore™

As part of our Managed Print Services at Intuity, we have partnered with Canon. One of the solutions we offer as a Canon Gold Partner is Therefore™, an efficient document workflow software with powerful features. It enabled teams to transform the way you manage and share business documents. Therefore™, delivers a fast and efficient flow of information, with secure access, storage, editing and processing.

Key Features include:


Capture paper or digital documents quicker and more easily.


Stay compliant while keeping data safe with advanced permission rights and anti-tamper


Real-time web-based access to any device means information is available anytime, anywhere.


There is a package to fit every business size which can scale as your business grows.


The redundant backup and resilient data repository means you can get back to business if disaster strikes.


Secure real-time collaboration inspires confidence and improves collaboration, productivity and confidentiality.


The system is constantly analysing and automating processes to work harder for your business.

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