Stay Safe this Black Friday

Shop .Don’t Drop!

According to a recent survey by PayPal, we Irish are the biggest international online shoppers in the world with 84% buying overseas and this new research shows that we spent €2.7 Billion at foreign owned websites last year. So, with Black Friday this week and Cyber Monday  next week we need to be super vigilant about our online habits and behavior to ensure we stay protected and avoid any pitfalls we encounter along the way.

The Intuity team have been writing some really helpful blogs on these topics throughout the year which you can access here. But in the meantime, here are some quick tips to bear in mind as you indulge in some retail therapy!


  1. Password safe:

Password security is always a number one priority. Don’t leave them lying around,  never share, keep them fresh, complex and change them often ! And remember, this will apply to online pin codes also.

  1. Know where you are:

Are you on a known secure website? Make sure you check that the site you are buying from is secure and genuine. If in doubt always check for the https:// in the URL and look for the little padlock icon which will reassure you as to the security of the site.

  1. Secure access:

Access – Never ever use public WIFI! And ABSOLUTELY never shop or access your online banking using publicly available wife.

  1. Think before you click:

Dodgy Links – never click on  a link you do not know or recognize! This is particularly relevant when shopping as you will be bombarded by adware which may have hidden viruses and bugs which could change your shopping experience from fantastic to disastrous in seconds.

  1. Privacy is key:

Oversharing – never share personal information, financial information or access information online, unless you are certain your channel is secure and the person you are communicating with is who you think they are.