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The Intuity Approach to Managed IT

with Stephen Dwyer, Head of Technical Solutions at Intuity Technologies

The renowned Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy is an unlikely source of inspiration for this month’s Leading Through Tech blog. In one of his short stories, Tolstoy delivers a phrase for the ages; “Put out the fire before it spreads”. This resonates so much at Intuity Technologies that we have redesigned our entire Managed IT program around it.

No longer do our technical experts adopt a “stand-by” approach for customers. We recognise that any ordinary IT Partner can adopt this approach. At Intuity Technologies, we have invested heavily in a custom suite of proactive services for our Managed IT customers. This ensures that your organisation gets the maximum return on your investment. 

Understanding of your IT requirements

Our enhanced Managed IT offering assures that our engineers have a deep understanding of your IT environment, your IT requirements, and your challenges. As your IT partner of choice, we are thoroughly invested in your success. In turn, we provide a range of best practice solutions and tools which reduce support costs and risks for you, our customers, no matter what sector you operate in.

Above all else, you can rely on the expertise and attentive nature of our Managed IT engineers. Our aim is simple; to ensure that all our customers receive the best possible service at every stage of our support program. Customers approach us daily with new concerns, security, downtime and also strategic challenges such as cloud migration and disaster recovery. Intuity mitigates these challenges in a comprehensive yet concise manner with the customer at the heart of every consideration.

Unlimited access to seasoned Support Engineers

With our new Managed IT offering, our customers receive unlimited access to seasoned Support Engineers who are familiar with your environment. To ensure peace of mind, we provide fast-track availability, whenever you need it, to help you resolve issues faster. To reduce risk, we offer guidance and support for change-related activities, within and outside business hours. These measures ensure that your IT solutions run smoothly and deliver maximum business value. 

At the commencement of each support program, Intuity will carry out a full support-led assessment of your IT infrastructure solution to ensure that it is in the best supportable and optimised state. You are free to avail of a range of additional services including project management, cloud backup and off-site disaster recovery and vendor management. 

We have also recently implemented a companywide ITIL 4 framework to systematically approach our Managed and Serviced IT practises. This modernised standard arms our resources with continual improvement tools and service value models, all of which ensure that our partnership approach has the best chance of success. 

Cloud First

But perhaps most significantly of all, Intuity are now a fully Cloud-first Managed IT provider. We have created an exclusive partnership with Stryve, an award-winning Irish-based cloud solutions company. With a range of secure private and hybrid cloud offerings (and with an impressive track record of zero downtime), Intuity can now offer our customers our Intuity Cloud solution. We can build a cloud solution, no matter what the size, around your organisational requirements. 

With such a broad range of offerings available to our customers, there has never been a better opportunity for you to make Intuity your preferred Managed IT partner.


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