The Intuity Guide To Straight Talking

When ice cube and tec support merged to form Intuity, one of the first things we did was to share information, and not just that which you would expect in the normal course of business, but the soft and deep and “getting to the bones of it” type of information.

It was through this rather fun process that we found to our great satisfaction that not only were we a great fit in a business sense, but also we worked in a cultural sense too.


When we compared our values, the way we approach our work and our outlook on business, there was a definite synergy. Honesty, reliability, compassion, togetherness and innovation are the values we choose to live and work by here at Intuity and it has not been a challenge as both the ice cube and the tec support teams have inherently acted these values out in their day to day operations for decades now.

Looking Closer

Where the connection really came alive was when we started to look closer at our people. We carried out some initial research with our client base and we were really pleased when the findings told us what we had suspected: Our clients love our staff. Our people are our best asset and we knew this – but the “Why” was where it got really interesting. Our clients showed us that the company believes in straight talking – telling it like it is – was what they valued most about working with us.

In a world where literally every second of our time is overloaded with noise and information, many of us crave quiet and contemplation. When we find these moments they are precious – our time is precious. We don’t want to spend this time juggling information and battling to decipher the wheat from the chaff – the jargon from the straight talking, we know what we want!

We don’t do jargon at Intuity – we don’t believe you should need a thesaurus to have a conversation or a million reports to explain a point. At Intuity – we straight talk. Our clients like it like this and so we will continue to do it.

Here is the Intuity Guide to Straight Talking:

1. Feel The Fear…

We inhabit the technology sector and with that comes a lot of trepidation. Many people presume themselves to be of lesser knowledge when it comes to “tech” than they really are. It is our job as straight talkers to reassure our clients that they are in fact on the same page as us and that we get what they need.

2. Make The Connection …

Straight talking allows us to connect – we cut the jargon and the industry speak and before we know it we are on common ground. Our team work with people in lots of different sectors – our engineers could find themselves in a mart in the morning, in a manufacturing plant at lunchtime and a 5-star Hotel in the evening! The brief they have for each of these clients may be identical – but the conversations they have will be very different!

3. Be Open For Debate…

By straight talking with our clients, our team will always get to the nub of the issue. They will open points of discussion which very often are considered irrelevant. Frequently, this opens a dialogue leading to a much wider plain of possibilities and the conversation around finding a solution suddenly becomes an exciting two-way collaboration.

4. Bare All…

When finding the solution – we believe in transparency – we pull back the curtains and show our clients the options – the good, the bad and the ugly. We tell them the whys and the wherefores and then we help them in their decision making with straight talking and a little humour thrown in – not a Variable Bitrate, Dynamic Tessellation or a juxtaposition in sight!