Using technology to save time.

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs

Keeping pace with the modern workplace.

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements have meant news travels in minutes, and it’s this technology which has helped save time in business.

Emails, of course, brought a new approach to messaging. Now, products such as MS Teams have moved that one step further and have enabled colleagues to interact with each other in an instant. This messaging service, downloadable to your phone or on desktop, allows groups of people to interact instantly in a less formal manner, so they can progress with their work quickly. By creating ‘teams’, like-minded groups can share ideas, documents and files and collaborate from a distance if necessary. This means no matter where your team is based, work can continue without having to arrange face to face meetings, saving time, logistics and expense.

Time saving technological advancements

Improved connectivity has enabled more remote working and allows staff the freedom to work in a secure manner away from the office. Time saved away from traffic at rush-hour can be used more productively.

For companies like ours at Intuity who deal with multiple customers, Screen Connect has enabled us to see exactly what the customer sees, in real time. A trip to the customer’s office is not always a requirement, so to solve smaller issues we can help by dialing onto a PC/Server remotely to fix issues more promptly.

How often have you had a debate with someone over a topic and one of you says, ‘Google it’?! This quick method of finding out the answer to a multitude of questions has saved us time from agonising over an answer for hours. This search facility has enabled us all to have answers at our fingertips. We may not be an expert in something, but with the information available online through search engines like Google, we can gain enough knowledge to progress further, more quickly.

Technologies like Online Banking & Mobile Tablets have reduced the time it takes to carry out specific business operations allowing us to manage our time more efficiently. Electronic document scanning and storage has delivered time saving, cost saving, paperless solution for businesses. Electronic searches within data is much quicker than manually searching through filing cabinets.

Social Media is another widely used time saving piece of technology. It plays a big part in promoting business and the culture of a company. It allows your message to be accessed by large numbers of people on the other side of the world in seconds. It has brought people and businesses closer together in an instant.

Technology is constantly evolving and keeping up with advances is important for all of us to stay relevant in the marketplace. Time saved is a huge advantage when we do.


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