Close up view of a canon i-sensys printer

What to Avoid When Buying Second Hand Printers

If you are thinking of buying a second hand printer then there are some things that you will need to keep in mind.  There are certain things that you have to avoid when you are buying used or refurbished equipment.  There are also a few things that you will need to look for when you are checking the equipment out.

Knowing what you want

Something that you should avoid is going into buying blind.  You will need to have a fair idea about what you want in your second hand copiers or printers.  Their capacity is the first thing you should look at.  Are you going to be using it often and for great volumes?  If at all possible you should also try and find the model of printer that will best suit your needs.  If you have an idea of the model you want you could simply look for that one and know that it is exactly what you need.

Refurbished versus used

You will need to take into account that some second hand printers are in fact refurbished printers.  Are you alright with getting a refurbished one?  Any people will rather buy refurbished equipment as it will need to be checked by the company and fixed.  The great thing about refurbished printers is that you will often get a warranty and you can be relatively sure that there will be no major problems with it in the near future.

Always check it out yourself

If you are thinking about buying used photocopiers or printers from someone you found in the local newspaper you should check the equipment before you buy it.  You should avoid buying any used equipment without seeing it first.  If you are not allowed to then perhaps you should look elsewhere.

If you do have the opportunity to see the equipment then there are some things you should check for.  If the printer is an ink jet check for ink spills on the equipment.  This may mean that there is a problem with the cartridges.  You also need to check if there is any paper stuck in the paper supply line.

Test prints are a good idea

If you are able to you should ask for a test print.  The test print can be of anything because all you want to see is whether or not it works well.  You do not even have to hook the printer to a computer and physically print something.  Just turn the printer on and put in some paper to see that there are no problems with the printer.

Guarantees are not always there

If you are going to be buying a printer from someone out of the local paper or online you will not get any guarantees with it.  Of course you will be able to get a guarantee and warranty with refurbished printers and used printers from a reputable store.

When you are looking to buy a second hand printer there are some things you have to avoid and some things you need to look out for.  Having some idea of what you want is the best thing.  If you are able to choose a model that you want it is even better.