Old red and blue office chairs

What you could do With Broken Office Chairs

In a busy office belonging to a successful, sustainable business there is a requirement for a high volume of chairs.

This is not only because of the number of employees but also because after prolonged usage over years chairs become well-worn and shabby.

Depending on the material, most likely fabric or leather, different problems can occur with sustained use. The arm rests can become faded and torn, the seat pad can have permanent indentation and the back rest can break due to the technical aspects wearing out such as the leaver for height adjustment.

The process of replacing office furniture regularly can be a pricey affair so it is important to find ways to save on these expenses i.e. finding uses for the broken chairs.


You need to do some research and find out if it costs less to simply refurbish your existing chairs as opposed to buying completely new sets. If the damage isn’t too severe or they aren’t really old then you may end up saving yourself quite a bit of money.

Not only can getting them refurbished be a solution but you can also find deals with refurbishment companies as well. When you compare each contractor and source out the best offer you can then attempt to gain percentages off by promising further business for the foreseeable future.

Ignorance is bliss

This saying might not apply here to be honest. Leaving the chairs as they are will make your accounts look more profitable but will not go down well with your employees; thus causing disrupted efforts in work and an unhappy environment.

People may also argue over who gets the better chair not to mention others may suffer from back problems if their chairs are severely worn out. To conclude, you would need to take saving a small amount of money over the moral of your employees…….doesn’t seem like a bright idea does it?


Check if your chairs have warranties so any issue can be repaired or a replacement issued but if not make sure your new ones do.

Look for used or even free furniture from other companies that are willing to help you out, especially if you need to send your existing furniture off to get refurbished. Look for ways in which you can fix the chairs yourself, many just require a bit of a DIY makeover.