Work Life Balance – What It Means To Me

Work, Life Balance – this is not a new concept or the hottest topic today, however, it never loses relevance with time.

It affects us all in different ways and like Marmite – we either “buy in” to the idea or we simply don’t.

So what is it all about?

In my opinion, Work Life, Balance is quite a personal thing. It is very different for each of us although for every person, it is affected by the same thing: our needs and the needs of those around us, be that family, friends or work colleagues.

For instance, my work life balance today is very different to the work life balance I had in place 5 years ago which would be unrecognisable when compared to that of 10 years ago! Our Work Life Balance changes throughout our lifetime – it is constantly evolving – or it should be as we make the big decisions and our personal and professional lives change accordingly.

So is it important or does it matter?

I know for me balancing it all is more important now than it ever has been. Today as a husband, dad, friend, coach and boss/ work colleague my life is busier than ever and I want to be in a position to enjoy each of these roles I have chosen. I try to make enough time for each role in my week so that I feel happy and satisfied I have achieved my goals.

The way I prioritise these roles will change from week to week and as I achieve goals I have laid out in the various areas of my life, new goals will appear and so on. For me, it’s always about the bigger picture and not just the day to day of living.

So if Work Life Balance is important – What does success look like?

Again – I would suggest that success looks entirely different from one person to the next. I know my work life balance is successful if I am achieving results in my job, my family relationships are in a great place, I am fit and healthy and my friends still want to hang out with me!

A number of years ago I attended the funeral of a colleague’s parent and at the end of the ceremony, a family member got up and spoke about the deceased.  It was a moving tribute to the man’s memory and is illustrated for the congregation how much this man had achieved in his life, the focus of the eulogy was not his material wealth or professional successes but what he gave to his children, his family, his community.  The way this man’s family & friends spoke about him, for me, was a perfect example of a life lived successfully in total balance.

Mission Statement

The choices we make are crucial in achieving this and the importance of choice is something we hold dear at Intuity. Our mission statement promises to provide growth, opportunity and choice to our staff and customers. Ensuring our team always have choices and options open to them ensure they have control over their Work Life Balance and are in a position to do what they need to, to ensure they achieve the balance which looks like a success for their individual lives.

A happy workforce is a productive, creative and inspiring one. Intuity’s vision states that we are committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied, our staff are happy and our future is bright and this is something we strive to achieve as a company every day.