2020 The Year of Resilience

On behalf of the Intuity Technologies team, I would like to take this opportunity to wish our clients, partners and friends, their teams and family well, especially those who have been affected by the Corona Virus.  

Words like challenging and unprecedented and tumultuous have become part of our vernacular over the last year in talking just about our day to day activities! What we have all experienced has been tough without a question and it has most definitely affected some people more than others and of course some businesses more than others.

The word that keeps returning to the front of my mind when reflecting on 2020 is resilience. At Intuity, we felt fortune this year to have the level of technical experience and expertise that we do within our team. It meant we could mobilise all of our people to work from home practically overnight and we have continued to do so ever since.  However, technology is one thing but state of mind is entirely another and experience this year has shown me that having the right state of mind, the capability to change, to respond with agility and above all, resilience, is what keeps us strong.

We have found in our clients this year, a resonance that only comes with well-developed and proven partnerships. Our team are highly ambitious, motivated to always do their best for our clients and with a level of empathy and intuition that makes me as CEO very proud. We have found this same ambition, drive and integrity within our client base in 2020 and together we believe the experience of Covid-19, while tough and at times relentless and painful, has also provided for us some of the greatest opportunities to really strengthen this partnership bond, drive the innovation necessary to find solutions for our clients and also open doors of possibility to the future for both our clients’ business and our own.

Intuity Technologies team

A recent conversation with the Intuity team found us reflecting on the year and, despite it all, still looking at the goals achieved, such as retaining and extending the scope of our ISO Certification for the fourth time since our very first certification in 2011. The introduction and implementation of the ITIL Framework for the business, a long-held goal of the team, which will serve to drive our motto of continuous improvement and our customer first mindset. We also extended our product offering by expanding our consultancy service to include a new People & Performance Consultancy, leveraging our in-house expertise for the benefit of the many clients who call us regularly seeking advice based on our experience and learnings as a fast growing SME over the last 40+ years.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The famous words of Winston Churchill have been the mantra for us at Intuity throughout this intense period. Our goal is to embrace change, we do not want it to pass without grasping the opportunity to take our learnings and grow even stronger as we focus and plan for the future.

Challenges in 2021

Looking to 2021, we know we will all continue to face challenges, personal and professional. One such challenge will be Brexit. We can’t influence this but we can reassure our clients that we have put all the appropriate procedures in place to ensure a smooth experience for them when working with the Intuity team.

We are excited about the opportunities that future challenges will bring, we look forward to bringing our clients on their own digital transformation and to guiding their future success utilising the technology, experience and expertise which we continue to hone. 

From myself, and all at Intuity Technologies, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Gerard Cox, CEO, Intuity Technologies.