What is the Employee Lifecycle?

Regardless of company or role, every employee passes through various stages in their time at any given company. These stages take them from the moment they apply for the job through to the day they leave.

Our Employee Lifecycle Audit will help you to measure the effectiveness of your existing HR practices and provide advice on how to maximise your returns and improve your performance in the following stages:

Employee Lifecycle

  • Attract
  • Select
  • Onboard
  • Develop
  • Engage & retain
  • Exit

Why we invest in the Employee Lifecycle:

  • Research shows that the annual cost of replacing an employee can cost as much as 150%-200% of an employees annual salary (Deloitte2015)
  • No matter how great your product or service, companies who don’t attract and retain great people will fail over time, every time. This is why attracting and retaining the right talent is key to any company’s growth strategy.
  • To achieve success, a company must effectively manage its talent at every stage of their employment journey with you.
  • Companies who invest in talent management see lower turnover rates, increased performance and growth.
  • This service can support companies facing challenges recruiting and retaining staff, in or about to enter a growth phase or facing other performance challenges.

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