While the finance and legal sectors are quite different, given the sensitive nature of the information they deal with, both sectors must ensure the highest commitment to data security.

New technology which automates the process and drives change is impacting both sectors by improving security, access and collaboration in a way which drives growth, innovation and success.

Increasingly today’s office has a mobile or semi mobile workforce with multiple sites in operation. With the financial and legal sector, these frequently cross borders so cloud technology, mobile device management, wired and wireless technologies and the virtual office are all requirements for success.

Security is crucial to both sectors – as secure technology ecosystem is not just desirable but necessary to protect the integrity of sensitive information. Managing this sensitive information, data storage, file management and reporting are daily challenges which demand protected portals for shared spaces.

Intuity has a strong track record in working with legal and financial firms over the last two to three decades. We have developed the solutions to all these challenges and like to keep ahead of the curve with new technology to ensure we can help your firm stay on top.

What our Financial and Legal sector clients have to say about Intuity

  • Very quick response and all sorted. Extremely happy with the service

    Graham Sheils
    Graham Sheils Murray & Spellman
  • John came back to me almost immediately and conducted a full scan of my PC. It's very comforting to know that if I have a security scare that the team will deal with it ASAP

    Maura Fleming
    Maura Fleming O’Leary Financial Planning

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