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How To Properly Maintain Your Office Copier

The copy machine is one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in the office. This is why it’s not unusual for copier-related problems to crop up and repairs to be needed from time to time.

Common Office Copier Problems

One of the most common office copier issues encountered is paper jam. User error such as loading the paper improperly or using the wrong paper size is typically the culprit in this problem. At times, the paper jam may be due to dust clogging the machine. In most cases, this problem can be avoided with simple measures such as vacuuming dust from the copier and teaching your employees how to properly load paper. It is important to note, though that, while paper jams can be easily resolved, frequent occurrence of this problem may damage the internal parts of the copier and may lead to costly repairs.

Cartridge or toner problem is another photocopier issue often experienced by users. This may be due to low, empty or malfunctioning toners. Replacing empty or low toners resolves the problem. Meanwhile, if it’s a malfunctioning issue, try replacing the cartridge or using a compatible cartridge.

It is also not unusual to encounter ink problems, especially if your office has a high print volume or does a lot of dark or coloured copying. There are also cases wherein copiers tend to gobble up a considerable amount of ink due to some underlying issues. To address this problem, regularly monitoring your ink levels is essential to determine what’s causing the ink guzzling.

Another common copier problem is overheating. Using the machine nonstop and placing it in a warm environment (or a room without air conditioner) may cause it to overheat. To prevent your machine from bogging down and causing fire, constantly monitor the LED panel for warning messages about overheating. Also, ensure that the machine doesn’t run continuously for days without breaks.

Tips On Keeping Your Copier In Tiptop Shape

While copier issues may be unavoidable from time to time, they can be minimised if you diligently and properly care for it. In addition to those mentioned above, cleaning rollers and glass and wiping out internal paper dust daily are good practices. Also please check toner levels and copier drawers for stuck paper at the end of business day. Meanwhile, thoroughly clean filters, rollers and paper path at least once a year.

To further ensure that your copier stays in tiptop condition and lasts long, have a professional do regular maintenance service checkups. Better yet, get a maintenance service contract. Apart from being cost-efficient, this is a good way of protecting your copier and ensuring its longevity. On top of regular service checkups, a copier maintenance service agreement typically includes preventative and remedial repair services.

Another advantage of getting a copier service contract is that you’re guaranteed immediate service. Nowadays, many copier maintenance service providers also offer telephone support service. Most importantly, you can be certain that problems are completely and properly fixed since trained and experienced maintenance personnel are going to handle your copier.

With proper usage and maintenance, you can avoid copier problems which can disrupt business operations and result in huge financial losses. You also safeguard your company from having to spend on costly repair fees.

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