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Printer Trade-in – turn old printer into huge savings

With any technology, devices you bought just a few years ago now seem much too slow or incompatible with new computer systems. If you have an old printer taking up space in the garage or basement, or maybe an outdated model you’d like to upgrade, this might be the best time to trade it in.

Trade-In Programs

There are several options available from large retailers and manufacturers allowing you to trade in your old printer on a new, up-to-date version with the latest features. Some may allow a limited or fixed exchange value, or accept only certain types of printer, but it’s a much more appealing alternative than letting your outdated model sit gathering dust. Most of these trade-in deals include the warranties, support, and service plans that you’d get with straight purchases of new equipment, and at significant savings.


Some trade-in programs allow you extended factory warranties going well beyond the original manufacturer warranty period. Many of these extended warranty offers include technical support over the phone or Internet that include replacement of defective items or on-site visits from repair technicians. It’s always important to weigh the potential benefits of an extended warranty against the original purcase price and future repair or replacement costs when any warranty has expired.

Support Contract

With many of these trade in programs it might be wise to take advantage of additional coverage that you wouldn’t get with the normal new product warranty. This is a much more appealing offer as it gives you an extended period of worry-free operation and support you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get – important to any small business or home office where time is money.

Trade in Details

Before packing up your old printer, there are several questions you should ask first:
* What warranty can I expect with my trade in?
* Where do I obtain a return shipping label?
* What box can I use to send in my old printers?
* How long before I get my rebate or discount?
* Is it required to purchase a similar printer with my trade in?

You can often weigh the various trade-in opportunities online with a little research. Discounts or rebates can be obtained by filling out simple forms describing your old printer model and the desired new product, along with all the terms and conditions of the trade-in. Many online sources will allow you to print up a shipping label which you can simply apply to the package when you box up your old printer and send it in. Once receipt is confirmed, you’ll be issued a rebate or discount voucher you can use toward a newer model.

Organisations with larger or numerous models ready to be upgraded may be able to arrange special pickup and shipping options.

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