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Celebrating 25 Years In Business: How Intuity Technologies Helps Your Work Flow

This year marks Intuity Technologies’s 25th Anniversary. We consider this a big feat, especially since studies show that the average lifespan of a company is 15 years. It goes without saying that you, our customers, play an integral role in our success. Your trust and support catapulted us to where we are now.

It is our hope that our partnership persists for many more years. Rest assured that you can count on us to continue doing what we do best – tirelessly assisting you in your continued efforts to better your operational workflow.

Providing State Of The Art Office Equipment

Intuity Technologies was founded with the vision of helping Irish companies gain access to top of the line office equipment. When we started in 1992, our flagship product was the photocopier – just a standalone photocopier only capable of creating copies. Although a far cry from the copy machines we have now, these standalone copiers did a lot in terms of improving efficiency and productivity in offices.

Fast forward to today, our selection of office equipment has grown leaps and bounds. From standalone copiers, we now offer multifunction devices or machines which are capable of printing, copying and scanning, among others. We even have office equipment with features to address modern day office concerns such as document security. We also offer low cost software solutions that can significantly improve operational efficiency in companies. Confidently, we can say that we can provide you with whatever equipment you may need in your quest to enhance your company’s work flow.

Admittedly, staying abreast with the latest in office technology can be challenging given how rapid the changes are in the technology sphere. However, with our unwavering commitment to provide what our clients need and by partnering with technology leaders, we are able to stay on top of these changes.

Furthermore, with partners like Canon, a company with one of the best research and development teams in the world, we can guarantee our clients that the products we offer are always top of the line. Most importantly, having partners that are industry leaders allows us to offer the latest office equipment ASAP.

Rendering High-Touch Customer Service

When Intuity Technologies was launched in 1992, we just didn’t want to be another enterprise providing office equipment. We knew we had to set ourselves apart from our competitors. This is why, on top of offering high tech office equipment, we focused on rendering high-touch customer service.

We took time to get to know our customers. We made sure that our staff members are easily reachable. Most importantly, we strove to provide immediate solutions to our clients’ concerns.

We believe that we have been successful in providing first-rate customer service. A testament to this is the fact that many of our clients during our company’s infancy are still with us up to now.

Until today, we make it our priority to give our clients a very personal service. To properly address their needs, we employ a highly consultative approach. We sit down with them and learn about their concerns. By doing this, we are able to recommend solutions that best fit their needs.

Furthermore, to ensure that customer queries are immediately and correctly resolved, we see to it that our sales and technical specialists are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills. In fact, our employees undergo training programs offered by our partners like Canon.

Suffice it to say, our high touch customer service approach enabled our clients to get the assistance they need when they need it. Also, with the immediate resolution of equipment-related issues, they avoid disruptions in their operations which can be costly.

Indeed, it has been a fruitful 25 years for Intuity Technologies and we are looking forward to helping more companies have an efficient and a productive work flow in the future.

For state of the art office equipment such as copiers and printers and first-rate customer service, call us at 1890 987 900 today!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net