IDA Ireland has supported the establishment of a National Cyber Security Cluster in Ireland, which is hosted at Cork Institute of Technology.

Based on industry feedback from a cyber security industry forum event held in Cork in 2017, the establishment of a national cyber security cluster was called for by industry, which would address the following objectives:

  1. Skills – Sustainable generation of a critical mass of talented information security professionals.
  2. Innovation – Enhanced information security research and innovation between industry and academia.
  3. Promotion – Stronger national industry sector branding.
  4. Internationalisation – international & business development supports.
  5. Collaboration – Explore opportunities for cross-industry collaboration.

Cyber Ireland is based on cluster-style initiatives (operating across Europe & internationally), that have proven extremely successful in enhancing innovation, growth and competitiveness of regions, and the companies that are part of the cluster.

The success of the cluster lies in its industry-driven approach. Together with third level education and the support of Government, the cluster is achieving its full potential.

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