Diary of a weary Product Manager: Final Instalment

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Introspection is over…

I feel that my time of introspection may be coming to its end…. I enjoyed writing about my crazy times during lockdown. About the different phases I went through which matches so many others out there.

It was good to just get it all down on paper and let others share in my sometimes hectic and comical life.

Working from Home

Working from home will continue for me. I will visit the office every now and again but it’s amazing how much work can get done when you’re not stuck in a car! At Intuity we’ll continue to look at ways we can assist you and your team with your remote working solutions. Getting mobile apps like MS Teams secure on staff devices is the perfect place to start and something we continue to help with daily here.


We are helping our customers with future focusing and enjoying having this time to build even stronger relationships to help us grow together. We are also working at strengthening our project implementation process so. . .  watch this space. (I might be back!)


Taking it Day by Day

In these times of change we don’t know if a new lock-down will come into play. It could be that our children and pets are allowed out and the rest of us will be cocooning… all will become clear once schools reopen and life starts to settle again.


A “live each day as it comes” mentality will help us enjoy life a bit more… at least I believe it will.


I am not riding off into the sunset though – as they say in the movies – – “I’ll be back!”