ITIL Diary 6 : Request Fulfillment

We are in the middle of designing our new Request Fulfilment process for the ITIL Project and it is starting to take shape. Unlike Event Management which happens quietly in the background, Request Fulfilment is going to be a process that our customers experience everyday as they interact with the Service Desk. Let’s break down what Request Fulfilment is and what you can expect in the new year.

What is Request Fulfilment?

Request Fulfilment is the process of managing Service Requests submitted by customers and ensuring that they are handled in most efficient and effective way possible.

What is a Service Request?

A Service Request is a common-repeatable request for a product, a change, or information. Examples include ordering a new laptop or printer toner, requesting access to a restricted folder, or wondering how to login to your company’s VPN.

What can I expect?


We want to make it simpler for our customers to submit Service Request so you won’t have to worry about whether your request is for the Sales Team or the Service Desk, everything will be in the same place.


We will ask for all the information we need from you at the start so that we don’t need to call you multiple times. We will be monitoring your request as it moves through different departments so we can give you more accurate turn-around times.


We are starting our own Service Request Catalogue where you will be able to pick from our most popular products and requests. You will also be able to easily add any necessary accessories so that everything is ready at the same time.


We are working on automating the Line Manager Approvals and Cost Approvals we might need to fulfil your request. This should also speed things up as we cannot start working until those come in. We are also looking to have a pre-approval process for low cost items to make it even easier for you.

These are just a few of the benefits that you will experience with our new Request Fulfilment process. We are working hard on our end to optimize our internal processes so that you receive a seamless experience. Our goal is to release the first version of this new process early in 2021 and build on after go-live.

Stay tuned for more updates!