ITIL Diary 5 : Event Management reduces fear and builds improvements

While Halloween might be a frightful time for some, Event Management has taught the team at Intuity that there is nothing to fear. Events are alerts that let us know when something has gone wrong or something may go wrong, kind of like those jumpy moments from your favourite horror movie. The goal of Event Management is to take care of potential issues before they become incidents. This ensures your systems are always up and running with a hitch.

You might be thinking we were already monitoring your system before we started implementing the ITIL framework and you would be right! Launching the Event Management Process has allowed us to improve our ability to respond to alerts better in a few ways:


We have used automation to sort each alert that comes in as either a warning or informational. This allows us to action critical events immediately and reference historic alerts when reviewing complex problems. We receive thousands of notifications every day and we use automation to ensure the most important alerts stand out.


We have trained a team of “Event Resolvers” to handle alerts and warnings daily. This team are unsung heroes – working hard to keep your systems running smoothly. Most of the time, you won’t hear from them as they quietly maintain your infrastructure. Don’t be surprised if they call you to check in and confirm that everything is okay after a late-night power cut.


Through Continual Service Improvement we are constantly reviewing and adapting this process to better serve our customers and the products that we use. As the process matures, we are better able to track and analyse how many events turned into incidents and work to keep reducing that number. We can also identify trends that help us see the bigger picture. For example, this allows us to quickly ascertain if all our clients using the same Internet Service Provider are experiencing the same issue.

You can sleep soundly this Halloween, knowing our Event Management team is working day and night. Keeping all sorts of scary things like viruses, gremlins, backup failures, and evil hackers at bay. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there!