Keeping in tune with the Experts

In order to stay at the top of our game, we need to be in the game, at the game, all over the game! Our latest fact-finding mission took the Intuity Security Team to the global Infosec Europe Conference in Olympia, London in June.

Infosecurity Europe is the sourcing and knowledge hub for Europe’s information and cyber security community showcasing cutting edge solutions and services for IT Security experts from across Europe under one roof.

This annual pilgrimage for the Intuity Security Team is always a highlight as it inspires the team to find greater solutions for our clients and helps us identify new opportunities for Intuity to help better our offering.

After much discussion – the following were our top three takeaways from the 2019 event:

  1. There was a definite shift in focus at this year’s event to incorporate the SME more than previous years with an increased focus on the supply chain. A lot of discussion around the relationship between the SME and large enterprises and the increasing need for SME’s to focus more on their IT Security or jeopardise their relationship with large customers due to the threat of a breach originating in the SME.
  2. File-less malware was a new area of focus. It poses a huge risk as traditional antivirus struggles to deal with it and rarely detects it.
  3. The changing threat environment was an important area as it is recognised that organisations need to focus on understanding on how threats are changing, crypto locker viruses (although still popular) are on the decline as defences against them have improved, crypto-jacking and data theft is on the increase. Hackers are increasingly going for the largest returns, malware is changing from stealing credential to stealing email conversations so they can hijack email threads between customers and suppliers to have payments diverted.

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