Leasing agreement

Leasing for your technology project

Consider Leasing for your Technology Project

Did you know that we offer a leasing option to our clients ? This is a facility that many businesses, throughout their development life cycle like to avail of. Our team are experts in Managed IT and Managed Print and can advise you on the best possible product and solution for your business technology project . BUT We can also advise you on the financing options which can make this an affordable, productive and beneficial decision for your business and your team.

Leasing for any technology project (multifunctional printer, server, desktop, laptop etc)  is one way to avoid the initial capital outlay required for outright purchases. Whilst the overall spend is slightly more with a lease as opposed to a straightforward purchase, there are sound reasons to consider it as a method of finance for office network hardware Infrastructure.

Leasing : The Facts

  • Leasing is a well-established and tax efficient form of finance, enabling cost-effective trade-up access to the very latest technology at the right time.
  • Leasing is a contract between a finance company and a customer, giving the customer use of the equipment on payments of rentals over a period. When you lease equipment, you make a series of regular,usually tri-monthly payments, instead of a large capital outlay.
  • Leasing improves cash flow and offers tax relief benefits and therefore a very strong case against cash purchase. If you buy equipment outright the capital invested becomes, in effect, tied up in a depreciating asset.
  • Leasing on the other hand allows you to save resources for other purposes or opportunities. To be sure of the right decision for your business specifically, speak to your accountant who can advise upon what is best for your company financially.

The Smart Leap

For many businesses the purchase of an important office utility such as an Multi Functional Device (MFD) or a Server may be a daunting investment with the large upfront sum and the likely prospect of it becoming obsolete in three to five years’ time. Leasing equipment is the smart alternative here.

The office IT environment is dynamic and always changing. The need for increased productivity, more accurate and timely data analytic and improved performance means cutting edge technology is non- negotiable. Leasing allows immediate access to this state-of-the-art technology and allows your business to adapt in line with changing or developing internal strategies and external influences without the need for capital budgeting.

Leasing: The Benefits

  • Your liquidity and credit lines are maintained
  • Easier to plan payments with regular installments
  • Simple and Uncomplicated processing with all round service
  • Tailor made and flexible financial solutions
  • Upgrade option for state-of-the-art technology

When you contact us now, one of our experienced staff will be able to answer any of your questions about the equipment lease and our contract hire plan. Simply email sales@intuity.ie or call 0818 987 900 today.