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Why You Need A Copier Maintenance Contract And SLA

Modern copiers like multifunction printers have helped companies in several ways, especially in increasing productivity and revenue. Apart from that, technological advancements involving the performance and capabilities of these devices have somewhat helped level the playing field for smaller companies, enabling them to now compete with the big ones.

Given how copiers help keep your office efficient and productive, it is important that you ensure that these devices always operate at an optimum level. You can do this by having a copier maintenance and support contract from a trusted service provider.

Why Get A Copier Maintenance Contract And An SLA?

Getting a copier maintenance contract and an SLA is all about protecting your business. It is a known fact that like all devices, copiers, no matter how expensive or advanced they are, can malfunction. When this happens, it can result in downtime which may last for hours or days, depending on how quick a copier technician can fix it. When your copier is not usable, delivery of service to your clients can be affected and your business can lose money. To avoid these things, you need your copier fixed ASAP to shorten the downtime or if possible, prevent your device from malfunctioning.

Included in a copier maintenance contract and an SLA are regular performance check-ups on your device. Through these preventative maintenance checks, mechanical problems are spotted before they cause problems. The copier technician can already assess the current status of your office equipment and make the necessary recommendations in case any of your printers or copiers already needs repair or replacement. With this, you do not have to worry about unforeseen equipment malfunction, especially during a busy day or month.

Additionally, if you have a copier maintenance contract, you can count on a better response time and the immediate repair of your device. Fixing your copier is a priority for your service provider since you are an existing client. Typically, if you have an agreement with a reputable maintenance service company, you can expect your device to get repaired in a few hours after calling it in. There are even repair companies that now provide 24/7 remote assistance.

Basically, with a copier maintenance contract, uncertainties (like when your device is getting repaired) are eliminated. Hence, you can plan accordingly and make the necessary arrangements to minimise the impact of copier downtime on your overall business operation.

Another benefit of a service contract is that you are guaranteed that trained and certified technicians maintain and repair your copiers. Copiers, especially multifunction printers (MFPs), are complex machines; keeping them in tiptop condition and fixing them require expertise. Therefore, it is imperative that only trained and qualified people handle your machine. A reputable copier maintenance company understands this and invests in the regular training of its technicians. With this, you can be certain that they can provide the right responses to your queries, fix any issues your machine may have and keep it performing at an optimum level.

Without a doubt, a copier maintenance contract and SLA are must-haves for companies with copiers. Investing on these can help your office have smooth print operations and avoid costly copier-related issues.

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