Benefits of renting a photocopier

  • Costs less money (both short and long term)
  • Do not have to sell machine at agreements end
  • Maintenance of the copier and the consumables are included

There is no risk to your organisation, no locked-in contracts and no money tied up which is great in these difficult times.

Cash flow is the blood of any business and renting rather than buying assets improves cash flow by reducing the amount paid out in one go to buy a photocopier.

It is also a regular business cost so has better tax advantages than capital allowances and will be renewed for a new one once it gets past a certain age or state.

If you only need it for a particular length of time or get to the stage where you don’t need it at all, you can give it back without having to find a buyer.

If at any time you are unsatisfied with our technical support or the photocopier you can cancel your service without penalty. Try telling a leasing company that you don’t like your photocopier any longer and want to return it!

Our month-to-month agreement means you can also upgrade or change your program as your needs change.  We also offer longer term agreements for organisations that have a “special project” for a set term – like 16 months or 2 years.

Everything is included:  the copier, all service, supplies, and parts.  The only thing you buy is the paper.

Photocopiers can be pre-configured with Automatic Feeder, Duplex, Finisher, Network Printing and on some models faxing.

Our flexible rental program allows you to change your monthly copy volume, as your business needs change.  There is no penalty, and you can change as often as you need.

You won’t get stuck in the wrong contract.  We know that happy customers will continue to do business with us and will give us referrals.

With one payment a month, simplify your accounting and eliminate surprises.  Our program includes all service, parts, supplies, and there are no finance charges.  Some copier companies will sell you a machine at a “bargain price” with the intention of making their unchallenged profit on the “ backend business”.

It’s our problem.  All service is included, so we fix any problem.  If it needs an expensive part we pay for it.  If it can’t be fixed we will replace your machine.  (Try asking a leasing company if you want your copier replaced!)  I have seen many companies with a leased copier forced to pay a lot of money to fix a machine.

If you need a copier for a special event or on a short-term basis? We will rent a copier for one month or even one week.

References: We rent to small and large business – with rental periods of 1 week upwards.