3 key features of uniFLOW Online Express

Not every small to medium business has the requirement for a fully managed print service, but with the right printer, many of the great features that are available to Managed Print Service customers can be rolled out to your own staff, whether there’s only a few of you sharing a printer or several printers. One of the advantages of using Canon printers is that most models come with Uniflow Online Express.

What is uniFLOW Online Express?

uniFLOW Online Express is a free and easy to install, secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting solution suitable for organizations who do not wish to invest in or manage local servers. The solution aims to upgrade document security, increase employee productivity and facilitate central control of all scanning and copying. uniFLOW Online Express is a self-service solution. Accounts can be created via an online registration page so a printer can be added within just a few minutes.

Key features of uniFLOW Online Express

Contactless Print Release 

When you send a job to a printer, you can use an employee access card, a fob or even your mobile phone to release jobs in your print queue. This is a long-standing security feature with UniFlow which ensures that only your print jobs are released to you. It is also worth noting that end users personal cards can be used as the contact-less identifiers and your company doesn’t have to have its own company wide access system. This is ideal for the SME market.

It has however taken on extra significance in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Shared contact surfaces are now a risk that most office environments will need to make arrangements to reduce or remove. If your printer doesn’t already have a card reader, it is available as a simple hardware attachment and can ensure you can provide contact-less release to all of your staff.

Simple document scanning

With uniFLOW Online Express, users can scan documents directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The secure ‘Scan to Myself’ workflows promote immediate gains in productivity along with options to scan to a large array of common cloud storage providers such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and many more.

Track print, scan and copy costs

uniFLOW Online Express allows administrators to track printing, copying, faxing and scanning expenses so costs can be correctly allocated to individual users, devices or departments. The uniFLOW Online Express dashboard displays an overview regarding the organisation’s print, scan and copy environment. Different reports can also be created and exported.

Please reach out today to any of our Print Team and we would be happy to guide you through the many features that are available that can modernise your printing capabilities and increase productivity.

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