Graphic for virtual CUMA conference

Virtual CUMA conference

The CUMA Conference- but not as we know it!

What a strange experience in the middle of a pandemic to attend the annual CUMA conference virtually! It was great to chat to attendees, albeit without the scones and jam, and we missed the huge canisters of coffee, it was tough feeding our caffeine habit from home. However, big congrats to the organisers, who certainly kept the show on the road, and while in different circumstances, it was still wonderful to be able to engage with so many over the two days.

HIVE CRM solution

The primary driver to the Intuity stand was our HIVE CRM solution again this year. We had lots of really interesting questions and we look forward to following them up in person in the coming days and weeks. Intuity developed the HIVE platform to help our Credit Union clients around the country compete with the bigger players in the financial industry. These financial institutions have the resources to build applications to process loan applications in just 1 hour, automating the whole process for the consumer with zero interaction from the institutions. These advances have left many Credit Unions seeking a clever way to compete – enter HIVE.

HIVE empowers Credit Unions to become more competitive by honing their own internal process and owning the next step in their member’s journey. The development and success of HIVE is determined by the people who use it. The road map for HIVE is built out by our clients and we deliver all developments in conjunction with the Solution Centre.

Increase in lending

HIVE is proving very popular and hugely successful. In 2020 alone, we saw 93% of all loan enquiries made through HIVE turn into successfully drawn-down loans. Credit Unions are reporting an increase in lending, some of over €2,000,000 that we can directly attribute to digital ads through HIVE, giving clear ROI on marketing spend.

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