Keeping your business information secure

Data in all its manifestations is fast becoming the most important asset a business owns. So, protecting this data is a driver for most businesses today and protecting it in its print form is crucial for the successful day to day running of the modern workplace.

If data loss is a concern to you and your IT department, you are not alone. High profile incidents, such as the recent Luas customer hacking highlight the potential damage that can be caused by these incidents.

Several recent cases with high profile confidential information leaks have been found to have fallen down with leaked prints or scans. Many of these breaches have resulted in hefty fines for the companies involved not to mention the reputational damage and long term fallouts for the business.

It’s well recognised globally that people are an organisation’s greatest asset. This is never more important than in the case of IT Security. In a corporate world where data is the new oil, clean, secure, reliable information is crucial. Protecting this invaluable asset is crucial if your business is to secure a prosperous future. This requires not just People, it requires Process and Technology.

Protecting your assets

Part of taking care of your information is knowing exactly where it is, in fact, this is a legal requirement of GDPR. Many businesses today employ Data Loss Prevention systems that help determine this, however, the multifunctional print devices (MFDs) that sit on your network, if not properly managed can open up holes in this protection layer.

Why is Multi-function Printer Devices (MFDs) at risk?

The printers on your network aren’t the printers of old. Modern multifunctional print devices (MFDs) are servers, running an operating system with hard disks and network connections. These are devices that send and receive emails, have a built-in web server and can access file shares, as well as store vast quantities of information.

When you consider that nearly a quarter of all security breaches occur through ‘paper-based records’, you can imagine the potential risks involved.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Canon

Canon’s unique Data Loss Prevention solutions use software that resides on the server and multifunctional device (MFD). Any print, fax, scan and copy activity passing through your company can be monitored and it can be determined whether access should be permitted to it or not.

Security Training For Your Team

Training your team will further solidify this process. By investing in Security Awareness Training and GDPR refresher training, you can ensure that you people are all on the same page and that they, along with your processes and the correct technology, together can deliver the level of security your business requires in order to minimise risk and enhance security.

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